Manybots for Developers

Manybots is an open ecosystem allowing developers to build connections to existing apps or create new apps that all bring data back into one private place allowing exploration, comparison and visualization in new ways.

If this sparks your interest, we welcome you to join our developer community.


Open source

In March 2012 we made it even easier to develop with Manybots. We launched the standalone Local version on Github

Check out the repository

OAuth for your security

We use OAuth to make sure all applications only have access to do exactly what the user allows.

Activity Streams for data homogenity

By using Activity Streams we make data comparable and easily understood.

See our API documentation for more information

All built on Rails

With the latest Rails technology we have prepared a very easy to understand and learn platform that any developer can take home and get started

See our Rails step by step guide for Manybots for more information