About Manybots

Our lives are made of activities. Digital tools have changed the way we manage these activities. The more connected we become, the longer our lists of activity histories grow within our different apps and devices. These lists hold stories of our habits, interests, locations, etc. and together make up our digital lives.

Manybots is a platform where you can create a private account to collect and manage your digital life. Imagine all of your activities centralized, owned, and controlled by you. Now you can,

  • search for anything quickly with your personal search bar
  • have access to intelligence apps that open a new view and relationship between you and your activities
  • explore our ecosystem of developers and partners creating new tools for our digital lifestyles

Manybots was built to expand with innovation and creativity. As we take further steps toward managing our digital lives, more advanced tools such as predictions and custom alerts become possible. It's what "big data" for the little guy might look like. You can collect it, work it, use it to create new value, and own it. Today the business world is rushing to leverage large amounts of data. We could each be benefiting from these tools ourselves, with our own data. To do this we need a copy of our data and the tools to make it interesting.

Manybots is taking a horizontal, grassroots, approach to this problem, inviting people to use our services and our open technology to expand the ecosystem of digital lifestyle tools. We believe it is our opportunity and right to benefit from the data we create in our digital lives. It is our opportunity for customization and improvement, and our right for ownership and privacy.